Real Madrid vs. Liverpool – Match Report – April 6, 2021

Real Madrid vs.  Liverpool - Match Report - April 6, 2021

(EFE) .- Vinicius had his best game reserved for a great day. His dream night buried fears in the definition and he relaunched his impudence, based on speed to hit Liverpool hard at the Alfredo di Stéfano, with a double from the Brazilian and a goal from Marco Asensio that gave a good advantage to return to the semifinals after passing through Anfield.

The competitive gene of Real Madrid never disappears. He is oblivious to the circumstances that mark a high-flying European duel. At the moment of truth, that squad that got tired of hearing that he had no goal since Cristiano Ronaldo’s goodbye and that he does not give him to go far in the ‘Champions’ since that golden final in Kiev against Liverpool himself pulled out of the top hat his best game of the season at a decisive moment.

Pandemic football doesn’t just leave empty stadiums that dwarf the show. He hit Real Madrid hours before the big date with the positive of Varane. It could affect the idea of ​​playing with three Zidane centers, but not the winning mentality exhibited by his players. The king of Europe came out to play with the same weapons as a Liverpool that intimidates with its trident but that was made small before the intensity of Madrid.

A choral match, united in the effort, launched in a morale that skyrocketed as Madrid found its best football. With rhythm and precision. He made Liverpool long with deep passes from Kroos, nullifying his intention to press up. With Vinicius and Marco Asensio plugged into a trident that has plenty of Benzema’s class appearances from any offensive corner. As soon as he started, he warned Alisson of his intentions.

That shot at two minutes was a direct message. The important casualties would not affect Real Madrid at all if all their players pushed with the same idea. With Casemiro exhibiting intelligence in the coverage, Lucas Vázquez marking the ground for Sané since the first ball arrived and Salah unable to show his danger by not having meters to run. Real Madrid found insecurity in its rival due to its defensive losses and a flank to attack. Alexander-Arnold was a custard and Vinicius drove him crazy.

It was the day of the Brazilian. The moment to transfer to the biggest stage its moment of growth. He invented perfect running control before looking for Modric, downed on the edge of the box. Mendy struck in the same area and Vini headed across. At the third time he was lethal correcting that nervousness that he feels in the definition. Kroos’ millimeter pass to break the English defense and the Brazilian’s breakthrough break. Control with the chest and hand to hand surpassed with an ease until now nonexistent.

The goal left Liverpool touched and Real Madrid felt it. Benzema called for a penalty and gave Vinicius a perfect ball that he kicked across a post. Every move by Karim created defensive problems for Klopp’s team, which was getting desperate. And Asensio appeared to extend his scoring streak to four consecutive games. With the confidence to fight for any ball and find Arnold’s bad clearance to sting the ball at the goalkeeper’s exit and score the second at will.

He even had the third in a moment of unexpected collapse of Liverpool, which was rediscovered with its worst image of the Premier. Klopp didn’t wait until halftime to try to change the script. He put Thiago on the field for Keita. “What are we doing with the ball? We want it,” the Spanish midfielder shouted in English, exercising leadership and inviting us to turn the game around.

He succeeded at times as soon as the second act began. It was the quick punishment after a few minutes in which Zidane’s team recoiled and delivered the ball. The filtered pass to Salah found his hit the edge of offside. Lucas enabled it. The first shot on goal was a goal. And Mendy saved the second when the quality of Jota appeared between the lines. Everything won was thrown to the ground by the white team.

And Real Madrid realized to recover the ball and be more lethal than ever. Vinicius had the ‘fault’ of that mutation. Everything happened for him. Radiant with confidence, always facing rivals, unbalancing with speed. He punished the spaces and signed a very important goal for Anfield. Asensio had earlier forgiven one against three against three for thinking too much about how to finish it.

Vinicius did not do it when he finished first, appearing by surprise in the area where a scorer lives, turning an inside pass from Modric into gold. His shot between the legs of a rival and adjusted to the post returned Liverpool to the canvas, which was still able to receive a fourth goal in full display of the young Brazilian pearl and with a low shot by Benzema before a final match with Real Madrid defending its advantage, almost without strength but with a lot of heart.

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