The Pumas 7’s, on their way to the title at the Dubai Seven

The Pumas 7's, on their way to the title at the Dubai Seven

The Pumas 7’s were crowned in the first weekend of the Dubai Seven, after beating France 19-7 in the final.

During the first day of competition, the Argentine team was part of the red group together with Canada, Japan and Uganda, while in the blue group they were Spain, Chile, France and Kenya.

The debut for the Albiceleste team was with a smile at dawn on Friday from 3.58 for Argentina against Uganda. The team led by Santiago Gómez Cora achieved a victory by 38 to 14. Then, the second match was with a new victory against Japan 31-14, while the last match of the day was closed by beating 24 to 14 to Canada.

The first day began with a wide victory against Uganda, one of the weakest rivals that the team he directs has to face Santiago Gomez Cora. The 38-14 victory had the tries of Matías Osadczuk, Franco Sábato, Fernando Luna, Rodrigo Etchart, Lautaro Bazán Vélez and Santiago Alvarez.

Then came the match against Japan with another victory, in this case by 31-14. They reached the Japanese ingoal Marcos Moneta on three occasions, Matías Osadczuk and Ignacio Mendy.

In the third and defining match of the afternoon in Dubai, Argentina beat a tough team from Canada 26-14 who raised a match blow for blow. The Argentine tries came through Lautaro Bazán Vélez, Marcos Moneta, Igncio Mendy and Matías Osadczuk.

The tournament continued on Saturday and The Pumas 7´s they followed the path of victory against Chile in the match for the quarterfinals of the tournament. After starting losing with a try against, the Argentines recovered and through three tries scored by Franco Sábato, Marcos Moneta and Lautaro Bazán Vélez, they managed to turn history around and qualify for the semifinal winning 19 to 7.

Later, before Japan in the semi-finals the best of the Argentine team was seen so far. Pressing well both in defense and attack. This is how he achieved victory 24 to 5 and no tries against. The conquests of the party came from the hand of Santiago Mare, Marcos Moneta and Ignacio Mendy in the first stage, while Fernando Luna enlarged the difference in the complement.

In the final before France, it was again Marcos Moneta the one who made the difference, especially in the first half when he reached the ingoal twice. The Gauls were able to discount to go 14 to 7 down on the scoreboard at halftime. During the complement, the game was equalized and the only points that were added were those produced by the try of Lucio Cinti who decreed victory for Los Pumas 7’s by 19 to 7 and consequently a new championship for those directed by Santiago Gómez Cora.

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