Torreira’s father: “We want to feel comfortable where we are and Boca is the place”

Torreira's father: "We want to feel comfortable where we are and Boca is the place"

Ricardo Torreira, father of Lucas, spoke this Monday night on Radio Continental AM 590 ratifying your son’s desire to reach Boca Juniors and ensuring that for the moment Brazilian football is not in the plans despite the fact that several clubs have expressed interest in incorporating the current midfielder of the Atlético de Madrid.

“We are living it very calmly, because when one sets goals in life, they may or may not materialize. That goal is not for now, perhaps the death of my wife has accelerated a little this decision by Lucas who has been coming up with this idea for a long time.. It happens that being a young child, this seems a little crazy but you set your goals, you put them on the table and then you see what happens ”, said Ricardo.

The footballer’s father commented that for the Torreira family it would be a great relief if Lucas is closer to his city, Fray Bentos, which is even closer to Buenos Aires than Montevideo: “Lucas wants to be at home with his family; the desire is to be a little in South America, where he never played. It is a reality, when you lost a few hours ago the most loved person in your life, how could I not accompany Lucas if he wants to come to Boca or even to our July 18, Fray Bentos? “

Lucas’s mother, Viviana Di Pascua Acosta, passed away at the end of March from coronavirus. “Life begins to go the other way, and you leave things along the way, postponing to continue accumulating millions and running after representatives and there are times when you have to make decisions, we like football but we should not postpone everything for it. football. I always tell him that 20% is ball and 80% is cooked outside, life is cooked outside. And Lucas went to Europe very young and has left many things along the way, and we are stupid of life that he has decided to come this way for a while, “said the father of the Uruguayan national team footballer whose pass belongs to England’s Arsenal .

“We lost the most adorable and simple person in the world, who managed a family, who had six children, and no one gave him anything. That blow made us think and analyze whether it is so important to accumulate things and not fulfill wishes. If we had been lucky enough to have saved her, Lucas would have taken this leap with her sitting down and said: ‘Mom, I’m coming closer because I want to enjoy you a little more’, and it would have been tremendous news for everyone. We did it through tears, I told him ‘if you want to come to Boca, come on, our lives are not going away’. It is a wish of him that was raised that way and that is how it is happening, if it can be given, it is given, and if not, bad luck ”Ricardo confessed.

Lucas’s father commented that he himself asked his son what he wanted to do because he knows that he is suffering a lot: “I am not saying that he does not have a good time in Europe, that it gave him a great opportunity, but we are also realistic and there are things that do not despair us, and as there are things that do not despair us we can let go of a little body and say ‘we want such a thing, why not? ‘ And next year I don’t know what to do, if we stay in Boca, we go back to Europe or we go to Uruguay “, he recounted.

Ricardo, who said that his son has not known Argentina but has been a Boca fan since he was a child, commented that he does not know how or where the link between Lucas and Juan Román Riquelme, current vice president of Xeneize, emerged: “As parents we are in some instances and not in others; probably when Nahitan Nández was in Boca, maybe Rodrigo Bentancur himself told him about the Boca world, and maybe the contact has appeared there, I have no idea “.

Regarding the complexity of the negotiation for Arsenal to transfer it (Torreira expires his loan at Atleti in June but he still has another two years of contract with the English team), Ricardo commented: “I don’t think it could be difficult, we raised the situation and it seems very crazy that a player like Lucas would come back to South America and leave part of his heritage, it happens that we are not crazy about ambition, we are simple and hardworking people who had the lucky to have a son who played football and gave us this quality of life, neither do planes or helicopters drive us crazy “.

“Lucas’s economic issue will be discussed later, first we must look for Arsenal’s ok, which will not be that difficult either, nor is it given to all teams that a player like Lucas can make all these movements to get there. If they believe it is convenient for Lucas to arrive in Boca, the leaders will exhaust the resources and if this does not have progress, everything is barbarous the same; Maybe Boca had planned something else, not to make so many moves as to bring in a player like Lucas this time “, he assured.

Torreira’s father also commented on Carlos Tévez: “He is a very appreciated person, his life has reached everyone, his way of playing too. It is a stamp that Boca needs. Tévez is important for all of Boca, it would not only be for Torreira but for all the gurisada that Boca has and who see him as an idol “.

And in relation to the possibility that your son also arrives with his teammate Edinson Cavani, said: “Edi is a fantastic boy, who at this point is not running behind the coin either, who is already thinking about slowing down the revolutions of his popularity worldwide and starting to feel comfortable in some places. Do not put any doubt that Cavani himself will exhaust the resources to come to Boca if he wants to “.

Ricardo also spoke about the possibility that Lucas’s arrival in Boca may not be effective this year: “Other teams from Brazil have already appeared in case Boca does not materialize, but we have not answered because we are behind the objective of going to Boca”.

“Arsenal is going to ask for something, but somewhere between the representative, Boca and Lucas’s intentions, it may not be so much what should be contributed for a year of work for this side and that is where the panorama can be opened, because it is not that if he comes to Boca he will lose value, Boca is an international team “added.

Finally, the father of the Uruguayan midfielder assured that at this moment the focus is on the Xeneize team, ruling out, for example, any hypothetical possibility of River: “It is clear and the feeling is inclined towards that side: in Argentina it is Boca and nothing else, we want to feel comfortable in the place where we are and Boca is the place, other teams from Brazil emerged and we did not even mention them because nothing is in our plans. of that, we didn’t even put them on the table “.

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