Atlético Tucumán vs. River Plate – Game Report – April 7, 2021

Atlético Tucumán vs.  River Plate - Game Report - April 7, 2021

( services) – River Plate defeated Atlético Tucumán 2-1 and advanced to the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup, a round in which there will be Superclásico, as it will be measured against Boca Juniors, its archrival. And it is speculated that the crossing will be after the America’s Cup, to take place in June.

On two occasions, Federico Girotti scored for the Millionaire, who was superior for most of the match. However, Heredia’s discount suspended the crash, especially due to the danger generated by the Dean from the passing game.

Without Suárez (synovitis) and with Borré (dragging some discomfort) on the bench, Gallardo bet on an injection of youth up front. Álvarez-Girotti-Beltrán received the responsibility of the offensive weight in a team that carried two consecutive 0-0 equalities. Atlético, meanwhile, outlined a plan to obstruct.

Full attention to cut circuits and get out fast on the bands with Carrera and Acosta. And direct balls into the box on any ball stopped beyond the halfway line. In the early stages, the idea worked for the Dean. Until Girotti appeared.

At 11 minutes, from a patient exit from the bottom and with more than 10 touches, the Millionaire reached the edge of the area with De la Cruz. The Uruguayan accelerated, opened for Angileri, who attended the appearance of the young striker, who scored 1-0. But at 20, the striker reappeared. Palavecino threw a delicious pass to Montiel’s career, who found Girotti, who defined in a heterodox way: 2-0.

River took control of the game and, when it accelerated, it arrived, especially when Julián Álvarez appeared in central positions. He was able to expand the former U-20 in a heads-up, also the Millionaire scared the ball stopped, or once again Girotti, head, after an Angileri center. Just at the end, with a couple of aerial balls, those guided by Omar De Felippe disturbed.

River controlled the actions in the second stage. He had, in several plays in which he pressed high and coordinated, the possibility to increase the advantage. Also in a free kick by Álvarez, which passed next to a stick. But Atlético managed to react through one of its virtues: the quiet ball. In a second aerial play, the ball was left to the admitted Heredia, who stopped him from the chest and discounted.

The scream was a push for the people from Tucumán, who with will made him uncomfortable and was leading River against his bow. Armani responded to a distant shot from Carrera and then, after a hasty and unsuccessful counter, he starred in a providential cover against Rodríguez’s header.

At that point, Marcelo Gallardo had already tried to balance the structure, with the income of Borré (fresh for pressure and to prod the rival defense) and Bruno Zuculini (to pretar Enzo Pérez’s lungs) for Álvarez and Beltrán.

This commitment is a kind of reissue of the 2017 final of this competition, in which the Millionaire won 2 to 1 in Mendoza. However, the last antecedent between the two was a 1-1 equality in the Monumental José Fierro, which deprived the Millionaire of conquering the Super League, which was left at the hands of Xeneize.

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