Brutal! Marco Antonio Barrera lifts 150 kilos of weight in the gym

¡Brutal! Marco Antonio Barrera levanta 150 kilos de peso en el gimnasio

Marco Antonio Barrera It was recorded in the gym, while lifting 150 kilos of weight, in some images that show the good state of form in which the Mexican legend is maintained.

It is never too late to start, much less to resume or continue an activity. BarrierAt 47 years old and with more than 10 in retirement, he does not escape training.

Before the announcement of his fourth fight, an exhibition against Erik morales, Barrier prepares with dedication.

The Mexican approaches a great physical version for someone his age, and lifts 150 kilograms of weight in his exercises. It should be noted that it measures only 1.68 centimeters, and does not weigh more than 70 kilos.

The one from Mexico City faced a new challenge that runs him from inactivity and from his comfort zone, which is that of exhibition fights.

It may not have the same speed as at 25. Neither has the same precision as at 30, nor the polished movements of those years. Marco Antonio Barrera not only does he lift a lot of kilos. He has experience, desire and strength. It is not little to offer, but it is not much to promise either. Although, really, it is enough to see the images of their practices

The drive of those who knew how to measure themselves with Manny pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, among other stars that marked a before and after in boxing.

With plenty of titles in their showcases, Barrier he also amassed a more than respectable professional record. 67 wins, with 44 finishes before the limit and seven losses, with just one knockout received, formed the path of this great champion.

This Mexican warrior is a true example of preparation. And the video comes out on an emblematic date, the twentieth anniversary of the most important triumph in the career of Marco Antonio Barrera. On April 7, 2001, Barrier categorically beat Naseem hamed, one of the greatest figures of the moment.

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