El Maromero Páez and his foray into the cinema with Gloria Trevi in ​​“Zapatos Viejos”

El Maromero Páez y su incursión en el cine junto a Gloria Trevi en Zapatos Viejos

The race of Jorge “Maromero” Páez He had many facets in different fields, and along with boxing, he managed to make a special participation in the film Old Shoes, which was starred by Gloria Trevi and produced by Galindo / Televicine Group in 1993.

In the nineties, both the singer and the boxer were figures of great popularity, in their respective fields. And the wild, saucy, and irreverent attitude of the Maromero immediately tied with that of the singer.

Gloria Trevi He was 25 at the time, while the Maromero He was 28. In 1993, the Maromero he was at the height of his popularity, though no longer his boxing. That same year he lost against Freddie pendleton in the pursuit of the lightweight world championship of the FIB. Since 1990, Paez had not been crowned again, after having been featherweight world champion by the FIB and the nascent OMB.

In the movie, Paez played Ernesto, A friend of Glory that helps her free all the girls who are in the orphanage where she Fountain escaped, which is under the command of Miss thorina. The boxer has very nice scenes where he gives flight to all the ropes and movements that we were used to up to that moment in the ring.

The film was a resounding success, in the commercial cinema circuits, and grossed 17 million dollars just in Mexico. And up to 22 million worldwide. And it certainly marked a new achievement for the fighter up to that point in his career.

Maromero Páez after the cinema and Gloria Trevi

Nine months after seeing the ‘Maromero’ Páez in the cinema, he had to get into the ring again on November 15, 1993, when he faced the cachanilla Raul Franco.

That time, Jorge He stepped into the ring in a vampire outfit. And already in the fight, he found himself with a very complicated opponent, so he had to get his best boxing for most of the nine rounds, when a few seconds to finish he struck a blow on the chin of Frank to knock him to the canvas, but the bell saved him.

Already in the tenth round, Frank I was still very dazed and Paez he was over for the referee to stop the fight at 29 seconds.

Until then, the record of the ‘Maromero’ It was 47 wins, 32 of them via knockout.

After the movie with Gloria Trevi, the Maromero Paez I would never win another world title.

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