From UFC to PFL Champion? The MMA legend who is close to retiring

From UFC to PFL Champion?  The MMA legend who is close to retiring

The MMA have been revolutionized in these hours with the sayings of a legend of UFC. Is about Fabricio Werdum, who would be entering the last years of his career as a professional mixed martial artist. Therefore, he spoke with the press on Tuesday, making it clear what could happen to his future. This being the case, he did not rule out the possibility of ending everything in PFL, historical company of this sport.

Taking into account the above, Werdum He began by saying, “It’s very exciting because I fought for UFC for a long time. I fought in Strikeforce, in PRIDE, also in different events in Brazil (Jungle Fight) and I like the PFL because, you know, I have different events to go to, but I like the PFL because the season is amazing. I’m 43 years old and, uh, maybe one more year, maybe two. ‘

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“I don’t know yet, you know, but I like it when the guys say, ‘this season.’ You have to fight, win, win again, win to be champion, you know, and they have the bonus: you win $ 1 million. This is amazing, you know? This sure is good too, but only because I want to fight more, you know? I want to fight like maybe four times in a very short time, “said the Brazilian.

What do you have in mind?

At the same time, Fabricio He commented: “This is my big goal now because I did everything. I fought in the UFC, the champion. The jiu-jitsu champion, ADCC champion. My next goal now is to be champion of the PFL. It is very difficult for us as a fighter to stop the fight. Because every time I tell my wife, four years ago, I said, ‘No, I stopped. This is the last, the last, the last, ‘every time, and I never stop.’

“It’s very difficult to stop doing what you like.” This is my my life. I love to fight, you know? Why do I have to stop? I’m on my feet now because I’m 43, almost, yeah, I think I want to be a champion like 44. I’m very excited about the very fast fights and the finish, like one more belt, you know? This is incredible. One more belt for my career, “he concluded. Fabricio Werdum, legend of the MMA.

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