Joan Mir exposes Jack Miller after the maneuver of the last Grand Prix: «I don’t even want to think about it»

Joan Mir

Jack miller starred in one of the most controversial maneuvers in recent years. The Australian got mad at Joan Mir for a touch in a curve of the circuit of Losail, and this wanted to retaliate. In the middle of the main straight, already more than 200 kilometers per hour, he threw the bike over the last champion, causing him to stumble and causing a movement that could have ended very badly. «I don’t even want to think about it“Mir said about what Miller could do.

After the maneuver, Miller assured that he was’Sick of the touch‘which Mir gave him every time he wanted to overtake him. However, this movement from Mir could only be seen once, clearly not intending to touch it. Miller almost caused a tragedy on the Qatar straight, and the sports commissioners of MotoGP they decided not to sanction him, even though the images were there.

Did you want to throw it away? The dangerous touch of Jack Miller and Joan Mir that could end in tragedy


According to the DucatiMir touched him up to three times before overtaking him on the straight, something the Spaniard flatly denies. «Explain to me the three times I have played it. At turn six he blocked me and Fabio Quartararo had to lift the bike, but he didn’t touch me. It was an action from the first laps. They are career sets. This situation has to be judged, it cannot be repeated », shot the de Suzuki very angry.

On the other hand, the last champion explained how was the maneuver that triggered the whole conflict. “I overtook him at Turn 10, we didn’t touch each other, but we were very close. That’s why I stuck his leg out, to apologize. Then, apparently, it seems that he has become angry. He does not like to see that he is not performing as expected of him, “said Joan Mir.

Finally, Mir commented that he expects the sports commissioners to take swift action against this type of maneuver. «It was a very dangerous action. On the straight, drivers were behind. I don’t even want to think, it has been very close to the limit. If they have to call us from the Race Direction, we will explain everything. They will judge and decide, but I think my opinion is quite clear.

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