Jorge Lorenzo shot Valentino Rossi after the Doha Grand Prix: “He disappointed me”

Valentino Rossi.

Jorge Lorenzo is no longer in competition in MotoGP. However, the Spaniard seems to be determined to continue linked to the highest category, since he opened a YouTube channel, called 99Seconds. There the Champion made an exhaustive analysis of what the Doha Grand Prix, in which he placed great emphasis on the result of Valentino rossi, one of the worst of the weekend: «It has disappointed me«, He assured.

The Italian had the worst start since the 2000 season, so many fans were not satisfied with the result of the Yamaha of the team Petronas. One of those ‘disappointed’ was Lorenzo, who in his new role as commentator assured that it was strange for him to see Valentino with a bad result. Despite that, he assured that he hopes to see Rossi again in the first places in the next races.

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«Rossi has disappointed me as well as the fans. A lot is always expected of Valentino, but to finish 21st in practice. He said there was some worse training in his career, but it’s hard to find it. Sunday was out of the points. It is difficult to find a race from him without a crash or a breakdown of the engine outside the points ”, commented Lorenzo.

Touch between Mir and Miller

On the other hand, the former pilot did not shy away from the topic of the weekend. The touch between Joan Mir and Jack miller. The Australian and the Spanish had a strong collision at more than 200 kilometers per hour after crossing several times on the track. According to Miller, he threw the bike at Mir as he was ‘fed up with so much touch’. For his part, Mir exploded against his rival.

“I didn’t like how Jack handled the situation, it’s true that Mir could have been too aggressive. I think Jack did not react well at the exit in the last corner because he looked at him a couple of times knowing perfectly where he was, but he did not care much. This action could have ended very badly. Thank God nothing happened. Jack was not lucky in my opinion ”, declared Lorenzo on the incident.

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