San Lorenzo vs. Santos – Party Report – April 6, 2021

San Lorenzo vs.  Santos - Party Report - April 6, 2021

(EFE) – Brazilian Santos, runner-up in the 2020 Copa Libertadores, practically paved their way to the group stage of the tournament by defeating San Lorenzo 3-1 in Argentina as a visitor, with goals from Lucas Braga, Marinho and El 16-year-old rookie Angelo Borges, in the first leg of Phase 3.

Braga scored in the 7th minute and Marinho scored the 0-2 penalty in the 45th minute. Paraguayan Ángel Romero discounted at 72 minutes and Borges converted the final 1-3 in stoppage time.

Meanwhile, midfielder Julián Palacios had to be replaced in the 31st minute due to injury.

Just started the game, at 7 minutes, Santos caught San Lorenzo badly after a failed counterattack and Braga scored the 0-1 with a powerful right cross from the left of the attack after taking the mark off with a dribble.

Santos, winner of the tournament in 1962, 1963 and 2011, became strong by opening the court with Braga, on the left, and Pará, on the right.

The Brazilians moved the ball calmly in defense and when San Lorenzo pressed they jumped lines with the passes and attacked with numerical superiority.

At 31 minutes, Palacios had to be replaced due to injury and Paraguayan Óscar Romero entered his place.

The first danger for San Lorenzo was a minute later, when Bruno Pittón was close to converting when he arrived as a center-forward, but his shot was deflected.

At 44 minutes, goalkeeper José Devecchi tried to take the ball from Marcos Leonardo, but when he went to the floor he committed a penalty.

Marinho took over and changed it for a goal a minute later with a powerful, high shot to the goalkeeper’s right.

At 57 minutes, Braga came very close to scoring his second goal, with a header, but Devecchí reacted quickly and deflected the shot.

Shortly after Pittón and Marcelo Herrera were close to converting, the first heading and the second with a shot from medium distance.

At 72 minutes San Lorenzo got the discount thanks to Ángel Romero, who controlled a center from the right in the area and defined strong below.

The goal gave confidence to the Barcelona team, which from that moment became the most dangerous team.

However, in injury time Borges, who had entered shortly before, put the icing on the cake and left the series practically sentenced.

The second leg will be played on April 13 at the Mané Garrincha in Brasilia, and not in Sao Paulo, due to the impact of the coronavirus in that area.

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