Terrible! Demetrious Johnson’s gigantic threat to Adriano Moraes

Terrible!  Demetrious Johnson's gigantic threat to Adriano Moraes

This Wednesday, Demetrious Johnson and Adriano Moraes fight for the title in ONE Championship. Being that way, the former UFC champion knows and understands that it will not be like any other fight, but he does not lose hope of adding a new star to his gigantic asset. Although in the last hours he has not been called the favorite, he is confident in his power and launched a terrible threat at his rival.

Initially, Johnson he dictated: ‘He’s had a great streak. I like the fight. It’s a good fight for me, it’s very long, big, a good fighter for the weight class and I’m just going to go out there, do what I do best and go out there and fight. His fighting style is a bit different. He is a great athlete in the division, a great athlete, he likes to turn his back and lock himself in that triangle of the body.

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“I know that in the past when I fought Tatsumitsu Wada, another great athlete, he put the body triangle on me and it took me three minutes to untangle those long legs from my body. So I am looking to go out and impose my will. I don’t think he’s ever fought an athlete like me. I think he has fought very well with single-discipline athletes, ”said the experienced fighter.

Not afraid

At the same time, Demetrious He also highlighted: «With Kairat Akhmetov, he’s pretty good at wrestling and standup, and Geje Eustaquio is pretty good at hitting, but I feel like the only thing I do better than those two guys is pick up the pace and mix it up very very well. I’m not afraid. I have been in trouble in some of my fights, I have been depressed and I am not afraid to go out and fight.

“I plan to go out, blow the bricks out of him, put on a spectacular performance and come out healthy. That is the most important thing for me: to come out healthy. I’ve been to war before and been beaten up, I have to ask myself, ‘Why the hell am I doing this? It hurts and I can’t do this and this. ‘ That’s the most important thing, I want to come out healthy. Come in and out, “he concluded. Demetrious Johnson, who wants to enlarge his legacy.

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