The 7 biggest surprises that Mexican boxers have given

Las 7 más grandes sorpresas que han dado boxeadores mexicanos

Mexican boxers have given tremendous surprises throughout the history of world boxing and Andy ruiz He reminded us all that dreaming is possible, that in the ring it is one against one and with effort, dedication and a plan, there is no small enemy in the ring.

That is why we bring you the ones that are, to our consideration:

1. Andy Ruiz knocked out Anthony Joshua

It goes without saying much. Bets from 23 to 33 to 1 in favor of the British champion, Ruiz he was given a month to fight. Joshua it was in various pound-for-pound rankings. We all vibrate with a tremendous chime. AND Ruiz ended up knocking out Joshua.

Most likely the biggest among the surprises involving Mexican boxers.

2. Jorge “Travieso” Arce vs. Wilfredo Vázquez Jr.

The bets were roughly 12 to 1 against the Mexican. The Puerto Rican super bantamweight champion was undefeated, Arce had been climbing divisions from mini-flies. What a great surprise that night from the Naughty who ended up knocking out Vázquez in the last round!

3. Julio César González on Dariusz Michalczewski

The fight was in Germany, and the Polish world champion was 48-0 and it was his 22nd defense of the WBO light heavyweight title. No one was thinking of a defeat for the universal monarch, who to date holds the record for the most defenses in the category. Gonzalez He became Mexico’s first champion at 175 pounds. Another unthinkable hit by split decision!

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4. Marco Antonio Barrera on Naseem Hammed

The clear favorite was Hamed that he was one of the most media figures in boxing of his time. Undefeated and with a very complicated style, few thought of a victory for the Mexican, who nevertheless dominated the British by giving him a soup of his own chocolate. Barrier gave a chair to Hamed and defeated it by unanimous decision.

5. Orlando Salido knocking out Juan Manuel López in the first fight

Stepped out, as a visitor in Puerto Rico, with at least one Puerto Rican judge and referee, overwhelmingly disadvantaged in betting. Lopez it had just made its break into the top 10 pound for pound. Very few believed in a victory for the Sonoran and fewer in that categorical way Unforgettable night!

6. Salvador Sánchez knocks out Wilfredo Gómez

Gomez he was the favorite, a brutal knockout, undefeated and a “destroyer of Mexicans.” No one gave credit for how the Puerto Rican monster was struck down by the fists of the great Sanchez, a champion of only 22 years.

7. Juan Manuel Márquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao

The Pacman it was a favorite. Marquez He was 38 years old by 33 of the Filipino and practically nobody expected what that magical night was experienced in the sixth round, despite the fact that the Mexican was one of the most complicated rivals in the Filipino’s career.

What no one imagined was the brutal outcome. Perhaps the most electrifying moment in Mexican boxing history. The knockout was impressive and ended a saga of four vibrant fights.

Note: The fights are ordered from highest to lowest degree of what is considered a surprise result. No bigger or stronger wins, no better knockouts, etc.

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