Unusual! The video of the legendary Stephan Bonnar being kicked out of a gym

Unusual!  The video of the legendary Stephan Bonnar being kicked out of a gym

The Hall of Famer for UFC, Stephan bonnar he was expelled from a gym and everything was recorded. The aforementioned did not use the mask in the middle of a pandemic and crisis due to COVID-19, so they asked him to leave. At that time, the veteran and legendary fighter of MMA He chose to film and leave a message to those who were inside the sports complex. As expected, it went viral.

In said video, Bonnar He angrily reported the following: “I have been coming to this gym for 14 years and they kicked me out on my birthday because one of these sheep complained that my mask was falling off. Well guess what, sheep? I got a medical exemption. I have asthma. I’m doing you a favor even playing pretend. The masks do nothing. Wake up, sheep, gossipers, cowards.

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“Easter is a good reminder of how Christ, despite being a cool guy, was badly maligned. When I was 10 years old, I was kicked out of the playhouse at Celebration Station for my own birthday party for being too tall. Here I am 34 years later, I was kicked out of the gym for exercising my right to breathe fresh air. That is consistency! #happyeaster #marchtothebeatofyourowndrum », then posted on social media Stephan bonnar.

Received support

In that sense, the member of the Medical Scientific Council of the American Foundation for Asthma and Allergy (AAFA), Dr. David Stukus, indicated: “For people with very mild asthma or well-controlled asthma, it probably will not be a problem. For people who have a very serious illness and frequent exacerbations, visits to the emergency room, hospitalizations, require a lot of medications and frequent symptoms, it could cause more problems for those people.

“The vast majority of people with asthma can safely use a non-medical mask and it is recommended that they do so. If you cannot wear a non-medical mask without experiencing respiratory problems, do not wear a mask. Instead, be sure to practice physical distancing by maintaining a distance of 2 meters, ”is what is read, meanwhile, on the website of Asthma Canada.

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