“Don’t blink, someone can go to sleep,” Chris Arreola warns of Andy Ruíz’s fight

Andy Ruíz y Chris Arreola

Chris arreola issued a warning to fans ahead of his next fight against Andy Ruiz Jr., next May 1, in the Dignity Health Sports Park from Carson, California.

“My fight is the main one and the one that everyone should see,” he commented. Arreola to Marcus watson on Good music monday. “I tell all the fans not to blink, because someone can go to sleep early, we will be distributing bombs.”

At the same time, Chris he also belittled Andy and he assured that the fact of being the first Mexican heavyweight champion does not make him the best. He also referred to the fact that the battle will be anything but easy for Ruiz.

“They have seen him give a historic bell, he is motivated to knock me out, but, you know something, me too,” he mentioned. “I want to win. He may have been the first Mexican heavyweight champion, but I am the best Mexican here. “

On how the combat will unfold, Arreola promised to put on a great show for the former champion who rose to fame when he knocked out Anthony Joshua.

“It will be a battle of great momentum and everything will be defined by who can impose a greater punishment on the other,” he said. “It will be fun for all the boxing fans. If you like aggressive fights, you can’t miss it. “

In his carrer, Andy Ruiz he has never been beaten by knockout. In his 35 professional bouts, he was only defeated by Joseph Parker Y Anthony Joshua in the rematch that made him lose the championships of the OMB, IBF Y AMB.

On the other hand, Arreola, who is almost 10 years older than Andy, has fallen six times, three of them on the fast track. In his last fight with Adam kownackiIn 2019, he was not so low on pace and he managed to throw almost 1,300 strokes, but he could not take the victory.

Among these three defeats, the most important are combats against Vitali Klitschko Y Deontay Wilder, you fights that Arreola wants to take as an experience of the past to be ready to give the bell against Ruiz.

“There will be many people who always speak ill of you,” he added. “There are many and it’s fine, they do that. We’ll see when I get in the ring. I believe in myself and I will do what it takes to prove the work. While someone else is asleep or relaxed, I stay in preparation. “

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