Eighties nostalgia! When Diet Pepsi hired Mike Tyson to knock out Diet Coke

¡Nostalgia ochentera! Cuando Diet Pepsi contrató a Mike Tyson para noquear a la Diet Coke

In the eighties, the refreshment Pepsi gave a blow of authority by hiring the boxer Mike tyson, until then undefeated heavyweight champion, to promote his product Diet Pepsi to declare war on your competition, Diet Coke.

The machine began to work, since the planning was perfect for cramming with advertising spots. And by the way, also promote the fight I would have Iron mike in view of Michael Spinks.

Tyson was the center of this battle between diet sodas, as it starred in several commercials, where it was said that Diet Pepsi it was better than its competition Diet coke.

As for sports, Mike knocked out Michael Spinks in a 91-second bout on June 27, 1988 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, keeping the belt in your possession.

The important thing about that fight was not how quickly the champion destroyed his rival, but because it was one of the most publicized fights in boxing history with Pepsi as exclusive sponsor.

Coca Cola fought back against Pepsi and Mike Tyson

With this campaign that was carried out in the eighties where it was said that Diet Pepsi “Surpassed the taste of Diet coke”In consumer taste tests.

But Coca Cola It did not take long to deny and lashed out in those years against the boxer and the company, saying that it was misleading advertising, and asking the television channels to withdraw the spots of Mike tyson Y Diet Pepsi.

“We couldn’t let that statement go unanswered,” he said at the time, Carlton curtis, vice president of corporate communications for Coke, in an interview for Los Angeles Times.

In that year, spokespersons for the television networks of the United States, ABC, CBS Y NBC they confirmed that Coca Cola he had asked for the commercials to be withdrawn.

Both companies did their thing to submit documentation to back up their claims.

Meanwhile, the commercials kept running, and boy Tyson he did give a small knockout to Coca Cola and it made her tremble at that time.

The war between both refreshments was fierce. According to different reports, in that distant 1988, Diet coke had 10.1% of the market, while Diet Pepsi had 6.9%

Pepsi invested around 4.4 million dollars in the promotional campaign of Diet Pepsi with Mike tyson. He bought full-page ads in magazines and even in the New York Times.

The print ad read:

The undisputed champions. Diet Pepsi Y Mike tyson.

On June 27, the world witnessed a historic confrontation.

Two fierce competitors were uncovered to, once and for all, prove who the true champion is.

After a couple of drinks, it was over. Diet Pepsi had won the titles. In a face-to-face taste test, Diet Pepsi He decisively beat the taste of Diet coke.

So now there are two undisputed champions. And while the heavyweight champion Mike tyson you don’t mind sharing your title… don’t ask you to share your Diet Pepsi.

Diet Pepsi. The undisputed champion.

Mike Tyson and advertising for Diet Pepsi
Mike Tyson and advertising for Diet Pepsi

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