Gigantic! Ryan Bader confident of defeating Lyoto Machida this Friday at Bellator

Gigantic!  Ryan Bader confident of defeating Lyoto Machida this Friday at Bellator

This friday night Ryan bader will look head-on against Lyoto machida, on a spectacular Bellator evening. At the Mohegan Sun Arena, the Bellator 256 He came up with everything, with a historic rematch between two Mixed Martial Arts legends. Being that way, the current Heavyweight champion of that company goes for everything and made it clear that he is ready for this contest.

Thus, Bader He began by saying, “The plan was to defend the heavyweight belt. He was going to fight Tim Johnson potentially in March, early March. We were waiting for this whole Showtime deal to pass and all that kind of stuff. That was happening at the same time. Then they came and asked us if we wanted to do the light heavyweight tournament, the grand prize. They said they would prefer that we do that.

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“We said, ‘Whatever you want us to do. We would love to participate in another grand prize. ‘ I also asked them, ‘Well, what about the heavyweight belt?’ They said, ‘We’ll figure it out. Save it for now. We’ll move on and see what happens. ‘ That’s how that whole ordeal worked out. I’m not going to give up. Number one, because I fought there. Bellator He approached me and asked me if I wanted to participate in this tournament, “he said.

A controversial fight

Parallel to the above, Ryan He also commented on the matter: “They said I could keep this belt. Maybe an interim belt rolling forward? But that is up to Tim Johnson. He is the number one contender. I know we agreed on this fight, and it looks great and has three straight wins. It’s just one of those things.

Do you want to fight for an interim belt? So can we unify it? Or do you want to wait for the royal title shot? That too is always a gamble. At the end of the day, I want to be active. Barring any injuries, if I go out and win this tournament, I’ll be ready a couple of months after those finals. It really depends on Bellator and of him, “he concluded Ryan bader, the former UFC legend.

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