Historic revenge! Lyoto Machida, ready to take off Ryan Bader’s belt

Historic revenge!  Lyoto Machida, ready to take off Ryan Bader's belt

Ryan bader and Lyoto machida collide this Friday night, on a stunning Bellator evening. At the Mohegan Sun Arena, the Bellator 256 will blow up MMA this weekend. With a historic rematch between two Mixed Martial Arts legends, fans are eagerly awaiting what may happen inside the cage. Being that way, the legendary Brazilian fighter gave something to talk about.

In a few hours, the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion will face the current Bellator Heavyweight leader, being a rematch more than expected by the fans. Lyoto machida (26-10 MMA, 2-2 BMMA) knocked out Ryan bader (27-6 MMA, 5-1 BMMA) in 2012 in the second round of the battle. Now the planets lined up to face them again.

Gigantic! Ryan Bader confident of defeating Lyoto Machida this Friday at Bellator

Is excited

Being that way, Machida He started by saying: “Yes, because we are always in the same environment, although we were in different organizations. But look what happened: I changed the organization, and now we can find ourselves inside the cage, but what happened has already happened. We are different fighters and we know each other very well, but the day of the fight is a completely different day.

I don’t think about the last fight anymore. Even if you win or lose, it doesn’t matter. If you win, you are not going to step ahead of your opponent just because you have the victory. If you lose, it’s the same because it’s a new fight, a new fighter, eight years ago. It is a long race, and I have seen many young fighters stop in the middle of the road, but they have their reasons, and I respect that, “the experienced fighter from Bellator.

To close, Lyoto machida He said, “For me, I keep fighting and I like to fight. I motivate myself all the time. I like to go to the academy to train and exercise, that’s my lifestyle. When you have your own lifestyle, you enjoy this, and it means that you still have the motivation to motivate yourself, to be here in a great competition, one of the best tournaments, which is the grand prize.

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