“I have a disease”: Tom Brady’s surprise revelation about his future in the NFL

"I have a disease": Tom Brady's surprise revelation about his future in the NFL

Year after year, Tom brady makes it clear why he is the best player of all time in the NFL. At 43, the quarterback continues to amaze fans, now with his time in Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The quarterback gave an interview on ABC, in which he spoke of his first year in Florida and his future ambitions, giving an important revelation: “I have an illness”.

Tom Brady and the Bucacaneers

Tom brady was questioned about the change to Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a legendary run with the New England Patriots. “When you are in a place for 20 years, you think it is the only way. And I think when you go to another place, you realize, ‘Wow, here’s a different way that people do things. I was the new guy for the first time. And it was a really different experience ”.

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“I think that’s the great thing about football. It’s not really about what you did last year. It’s about what you will do in this year. So, to me, it’s what I was aiming for with the Bucs last season. I still feel the same, ”added the quarterback, who a few weeks ago won his seventh Vince Lombardi trophy and his fifth ‘Big Game’ MVP.

TB12 appreciated the experience of changing franchises, taking on new challenges. “It is an important part of what I understood last year: things will be different. I try to work within what is currently happening, but I still try to do my best. It was all really amazing, obviously with the way the season ended, so it was a great year. “

Do you still have a career ahead of you?

Tom brady He was clear about his motivations, and revealed his short and medium term plans. “I was always motivated by people who say ‘You can’t do it.’ You know, ‘You are not good enough, you are not fast enough, your arm is not good enough.’ I’ve had a lot of work over time … and you forget quickly. I don’t think testing it, for me, is the motivation. I still want to play. I have a little disease in me that makes me want to throw that damn spiral, you know what I’m saying?

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