Maravilla Martínez boasts the reflexes, reaction and speed of hands that he retains at 46

Maravilla Martínez presume los reflejos, la reacción y la velocidad de manos que conserva a los 46 años

Sergio “Wonder” Martinez He is in the process of preparing for his next fight, and is on his way to his best form at 46.

Sharp reflexes, instant reaction, attack speed and surgical precision showed Wonderful in his latest practice video. Evidence that the former Argentine champion continues to be fine in several of the characteristics that defined his career.

Martinez decided to retire in 2014, after being defeated by Miguel Cotto and thus lose his middleweight championship of World Boxing Council.

His physical problems were accentuated, as well as some work relationships became toxic, according to the boxer’s own testimony.

Thanks to surgical interventions, treatments and even his relationship with the thermal waters, Sergio Gabriel “Wonder” Martinez He decided to relaunch his boxing career, now 46 years old. Or, as the Quilmeño himself calls it, he thus set up his new professional stage.

The Argentine athlete returned to the ring to knock out Jose Miguel Fandiño, on August 21, 2020 in Spain.

He made his second presentation on December 19, when he knocked out the Finn Jussi Koivula for an abysmal cut on his face.

At 46, Maravilla Martínez wants to put on a belt again

With poise, Sergio Martinez He repeatedly stated that if he returned to the activity, it is because he wants to be a world champion again.

He does not want flowers, compliments, money, or plethora. TO Martinez it will be enough to obtain a greater scepter, and to give long life to his reign.

Although the offers were not concrete, it was learned that the person born in Avellaneda maintained communications with Gilberto Mendoza Jr, president of the World Boxing Association.

The idea was for Maravilla to face Ryota murata, maximum link of 160 pounds in the AMB. Recently, the Japanese was promoted to super champion of the same entity, after the removal of the recognition to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

For the moment, who knew how to disintegrate Kelly pavlik and monstrously knock out Paul williams, wait for your new golden opportunity. But you do not wait sitting down, but in motion and with the confidence necessary to reach the top.

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