Nike suspends contract of NFL star with 22 complaints of sexual harassment

Nike suspends contract of NFL star with 22 complaints of sexual harassment

In case of Deshaun watson, quarterback of Houston Texans, brings more and more problems. The player of the NFL He already has 22 accusations of sexual harassment against him, and the first formal complaints have finally been made to the police. Given the scandal generated, the Nike brand has decided to suspend its sponsorship agreement with the player.

Deshaun Watson’s case gets complicated

Over the past few weeks, attorney Tony Buzbee has been the spokesperson for a large number of women who have accused Deshaun watson for sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior. It was not until a few days ago that the Houston Police Department received the first formal complaints and started the investigations.

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It was last Tuesday that some of the names of the complainants were made public. One of them, Ashley Solis (masseuse), even testified before the press. Remember my name. I just hope that the men and women survivors of sexual assault hear my story and give them the courage to speak out without fear.

End of agreement with Nike

Given the great scandal that is being generated as a result of the complaints against the star of the NFL, the Nike brand has issued a statement announcing the suspension of the agreement with the player. “We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations, and we have suspended Deshaun watson. We will continue to closely monitor the situation.

The NFL awaiting resolution

At the moment, the case is being studied by the authorities of the city of Houston. The player of Houston Texans He is at liberty pending the investigation of the cases against him. Neither the Texas franchise nor the NFL they will take actions until they have a final judgment by the courts.

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