The confession about Michael Schumacher that saddened Formula 1: “My heart broke”

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher He is one of the greatest figures in the history of the Formula 1. With seven World titles, the German is considered the best driver of all time. His retirement in 2006 generated thousands of emotions, but in 2010 he made the decision to return to one last attempt at the team Mercedes. The engineers of the German team spoke of their return and made a confession that generated a lot of sadness. «My heart got broken“, He said James Vowles.

The head of strategy for the Mercedes team, James Vowles, and several engineers from the champion team gave an interview to the official Formula 1 podcast and talked about what the return of Michael Schumacher to Mercedes meant. However, the idol could not manage to find his level, and on his three-year return he could only achieve a podium, in the 2012 European Grand Prix.

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Monaco 2012

In it 2012 Monaco Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher made those present vibrate on the street of the principality. The German had taken his 69th pole position, but a one-touch penalty with Bruno senna relegated it five positions. That moment could have marked Schumacher’s first win on his return to the category, something that saddened Mercedes.

“He was on the moon, and I think it was one of the best laps of his career. The truth is that it broke my heart. It really broke my heart because we all wanted to see him win a race, because he deserved it. Frankly, he put so much effort into the team. It was a little revenge for him. That was his big break during the year, ”Vowles said.

For his part, another of the Mercedes engineers, Ron Meadows, shared the words of Vowles coinciding with his lament. «It did not help to improve. My most regret is not seeing Michael win with us. We all wanted him to win. It did not happen. A couple of years later we couldn’t stop winning and he deserved that. The reason we are winning today is largely due to him, “he added.

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