Very ironic: Mike Perry’s mockery of Darren Till that went viral on social networks

Very ironic: Mike Perry's mockery of Darren Till that went viral on social networks

In these hours, Mike perry made fun of Darren till, making it clear that he will liquidate him inside the cage. The American expressed that he would hit the Briton with one hand, while with the other he ate a chicken sandwich. This was what caused the grace of many fans, although many others supported the Englishman and let him know that he has no chances in that hypothetical battle of UFC.

Because, Perry He started by saying, “I really wanted to maybe slap him in the face and make the news this week. But it’s interesting because we all come here with a mission, and you know, it’s whose name is on the other side of that paper, so that’s the most important thing. So you better not have to deal with any kind of drama. My son means the world to me, and my family and my life.

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“I just lit this fire that I didn’t know was going to happen, and I’m happy about that, and I’m grateful for that, and I’m going to be humble. I was doing an interview and I said, ‘You know, now I have a reason to be a role model. I had never cared about being some kind of role model before, but now I have someone to whom I am going to teach everything, and that is what I got as a father, “he said.

Trust their qualities

For its part, Mike he dictated, “So sometimes you can’t learn until you do things a certain way, either the wrong way or the right way, and then you really discover and know things about yourself, so you know, I’ve made the sacrifices. I got to work. I’m here and I’m ready to fight anyone any day this week, every day this week. I am ready for the photos. I’m ready to take off my shirt.

I’m ready to show up and go all day, five rounds, nonstop. I do not know. It’s thank goodness that I feel better than I have ever felt. I trained for this. I sacrificed myself for this. I dieted for this every day. I want what you guys are at home stuffing your face: dough-filled cheese pizza, whatever. Lasagna or just pasta. When I knock out this fool on Saturday and the collarbone of Darren till he recovers, let’s make that fight happen at 185. I eat a chicken sandwich with one hand and hit him in the face with the other, “he closed Mike perry.

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