With everything! Kevin Holland will go “kill or be killed” against Marvin Vettori this Saturday

With everything!  Kevin Holland will go "kill or be killed" against Marvin Vettori this Saturday

Saturday night, Kevin Holland will say present again in the UFC cage, when I collide with Marvin vettori. Days ago, Darren Till dropped out of his fight, so the American immediately entered the star of the evening. This one comes from fighting in Las Vegas and falling in five rounds to Derek Brunson. Clearly he does not care about the fatigue and physique and dexterity of his rival, with whom he will go out to «kill or die«.

Being so, Holland He began by saying, ‘It’s kill or be killed. Go out and kill, do the work, go home, you know what I mean? Do my thing. I’m just here to get the job done, you know what I mean. It’s like everyone wanted ‘Big Mouth’ until ‘Big Mouth’ failed, and now they don’t want ‘Big Mouth’ anymore, so as far as I’m concerned I’ll go out and do what ‘Trailblazer’ does, pick up my ‘W’ and then take my black ass home. ‘

The most viral fighter in the UFC? Days before his last fight, Kevin Holland prepares for Saturday

“I think there were some things I had to work on before having this main event, but at the same time, when the company needs someone to step up, I’m here to do it when no one else will. I think it was one of those situations where ‘Trailblazer’ needed to be here, and I’m here. I’m going to put him in the cage, “explained the American.

It won’t be easy at all

On the other hand, Kevin he dictated: “At the end of the day, they are going to play with him, you know what I mean? The work with Marvin’s head has already been put on you, so when we come out, I’ll show you exactly what I mean. Dana was not very happy with the performance, and I can understand why she was not happy with the performance. He is the boss, you know? I really wanted him to do certain things to Brunson, so, you know, I could generate better income later.

“I don’t think Brunson generates good income from the game or the sport, so I could feel where he was upset from: everyone else who was upset, shut up, you know what I mean? So yeah, I can understand where the boss is upset from. I understand where the boss comes from 100 percent. Here and there he has had things to say, and I think I have had my ears open and have listened, “he concluded. Kevin Holland.

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