Another one! New NFL player denounced for domestic violence

Another one!  New NFL player denounced for domestic violence

Violence has been a central theme in the NFL in recent weeks for the controversial case of Deshaun watson, who adds 22 complaints for sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct. Now, a new front has opened against the cornerback of Minnesota Vikings, Jeff gladney. The player has turned himself in to the police after being reported for domestic violence.

The Dallas Police Department has confirmed that the player from Minnesota Vikings, Jeff gladney he had turned himself in after being denounced for violence within his family nucleus. The complaint would have been filed by his partner, whose name was not disclosed. CBS revealed some details about the alleged altercation with the 22-year-old girl.

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Victim’s account

The incident would have occurred as a result of a fit of anger from the player of the NFL, who demanded to check his partner’s phone messages. This came to force her, pushing the phone towards her face to unlock it with facial recognition while pulling her hair, and then would have thrown the device out of the window of her vehicle.

The complainant assured that, after the altercation in the car, Jeff gladney He struck her with clenched fists on the ribs, stomach and back, also striking open palm on her head. The alleged victim assured that, when they arrived in a residential area of ​​the city of Dallas, the Vikings player strangled her. Finally, the girl managed to escape and got into a car with strangers.

Minnesota Vikings

After the delivery of the player was announced, the franchise of the NFL it was pronounced by means of an official communiqué. “We are aware of Jeff’s arrest and are gathering additional information. We take this issue seriously, as the reported allegations are extremely disturbing. At this time, we will not comment further.

NFL Official Page

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