Report advanced negotiations between Brian Castaño and Jermell Charlo for the unification of four championships


According to newspaper reports from Argentina, Brian Brown Y Jermell charlo they would have advanced negotiations for the unification of the four super welterweight world championship titles.

Once your wedding party is complete, Chestnut He arrived in the United States this Thursday. His goal is to get back to training, and prepare for his next fight.

As published in the Argentine boxing news portal To La Vera del Ring, the Argentine traveled alone and in a hurry. His brother Alan and his father Carlos, who is also his coach, could not accompany him due to complications with the purchase and administration of tickets. They will be able to join the camp just for next week.

The reason for the transfer of Brian Brown the United States would respond to the existence of advanced negotiations for a unification with Jermell Charlo.

“But the urgency of the trip did not have to do only with the restrictions imposed by Covid-19,” as reported To the Vera del Ring. “It happens that his team is thinking about what would be the biggest fight in the Matanzas career: the unification against Jermell charlo, champion of the division in the other three agencies, the CMB, the AMB and the FIB. Formal talks and negotiations are advanced and, by agreement between Charlo and the FIB, the fight should take place before July 31, the date on which the deadline for the American to expose that crown expires. “

Brian Brown has the belt of the World Boxing Organization. Jermell charlo is the monarch the scepters of the World Council, the International Federation and the World Boxing Association.

Such a unification contest, to find the undisputed champion of 154 pounds, should take place before July 31, the date on which he will be defeated by Jermell the deadline to expose your crown of the FIB.

Brian Castaño and Jermell Charlo have negotiations, but they want them in Australia

The promoter of Tim Tszyu He said he would pay $ 10 million for that Jermell charlo or Brian Brown expose your super welterweight titles in Australia against your fighter.

George rose, promoter of Tszyu, said that he will seek that his star is made with the world scepters of Charlo, monarch CMB, AMB and FIB; or, the scepter of the Argentine Brian Chestnut, champion for the OMB.

Tim He is the son of the legendary former Russian world champion, Kostya tszyu, a member of the Hall of Fame, although his son was born in Australia.

The manager is willing to pay $ 10 million to bring any super welterweight champion to fight Australia against Tim Tszyu.

“That’s the figure (10 million dollars)”, he claimed Rose daily Sidney Morning Herald“That’s what we have to do to make that happen. The way I see things, the world title has to be played here in Australia. That is the situation we are in, and that is what we need to make that happen. We want the world title and we want it in Australia ”.

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