Fernando Alonso’s harsh response to the most uncomfortable question

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso it does not have a good reputation, especially for the British media. The Spanish has a ‘bad reputation’ after the problems he had with Lewis hamilton in the 2007 season. Later, many pointed out that Alonso had several problems with his different teammates. However, the two-time champion laughs at the comments and answers them without hesitation.

In a press conference for various media, the Spanish pilot responded harshly against those who support the theory that he is a ‘bad partner’. The Spaniard claimed that he currently has a great relationship with Esteban Ocon. In addition, he recalled the good treatment he has with different colleagues that he had throughout his life.

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Tough answer

According to the Spanish media Mundo Deportivo, one of the journalists present at the press conference asked Alonso about his relationship with his teammates. “You have the reputation of being one of the best drivers, but it is also said that you are one of the most difficult teammates. What would you say about this reputation? Alonso did not hesitate and assured that “He laughs at those theories.”

«It is the third time that I pilot in Renault. The last time I was in McLaren it was my second time there. I have been in different teams and I have repeated, and apparently they have always been happy with me, because if you are not happy they will not call you again “, assured Alonso, who also assured that his friend Jarno trulli gave him great help after his bicycle accident.

“With (Giancarlo) Fisichella I keep talking, and Trulli lives in Lugano, in the same city where I live, and after the bicycle accident I received a call from Jarno to tell me if I needed something from the supermarket in case I couldn’t move, that he could help me with the buys. These things make me happy every day, “the Spaniard assured the media.

Source: Official Twitter Fernando Alonso

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