Formula 1 studies a ‘budget ceiling’ and generates controversy

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The great teams of the paddock of the Formula 1 they spend fortunes on wages and this was reflected in the last week. The Race Fans website revealed how much each of the drivers in the category earn, making it known that unlike in other years, teams spend much less than in 2019. However, the category is looking for a ‘budget ceiling’ and the controversy has already begun.

According to various media that are in the day-to-day of the paddock, the highest category will seek that the teams spend the least amount of money possible in terms of salaries. According to this information, they want the teams to have a maximum limit of 30 million dollars in salaries, between both drivers. This is to ensure that large teams do not make budgetary differences with their rivals.

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Budget changes

This is not the first measure that leaders take in terms of team economics. In the midst of a brutal crisis, caused to a greater extent by the coronavirus pandemic, the category decided to delay the regulatory change for next year, as small teams could not cover the expenses of a new car by 2020.

In addition, the freezing of the engines of the equipment was approved until 2025, to allow the equipment Red bull do not leave Formula 1. The Austrians were not willing to build their own power unit, as it would be an excessive expense, which, given the economic severity of the teams, would be difficult to afford.

On the other hand, in this new limitation, the teams will be able to remove the different prizes for races won or sum of points, in addition to the image rights on the stars. Because of this, the equation would not change for some stars, such as Lewis hamilton or Fernando Alonso, who would continue to receive the same salary as other years.

Source: Official Twitter Formula 1

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