It stung! The hot and viral face to face between Marvin Vettori and Kevin Holland

It stung!  The hot and viral face to face between Marvin Vettori and Kevin Holland

On the afternoon of this Saturday, the UFC Vegas 23 will have the spectacular cross between Marvin vettori Y Kevin Holland. Although the fans expect it to be an impressive match, from the previous one it was possible to appreciate the desire that both have to knock out their opponent. Therefore, the anxiety grew immediately when seeing the face to face between them, the one that went viral on social networks.

Kevin Holland will say present again in the UFC cage, when I collide with Marvin vettori. Days ago, Darren Till dropped out of his fight, so the American immediately entered the star of the UFC Vegas 23. This one comes from fighting in Las Vegas and being defeated in five rounds by Derek Brunson. Now, he affirmed that he will “kill or be killed” against the Italian, who wants to reign in the Middleweight division.

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Although they did not reach adults, the Italian was very concentrated and eager to liquidate the American. For his part, Holland did not look him in the eyes at first, but then he did and caused the grace in the face of Vettori. Without a doubt, this evening could give away one of the best fights of 2021, with two contenders who could easily knock out or be knocked out this Saturday.


Upon learning what happened to Till, Vettori (16-4-1 MMA, 6-2-1 UFC) was not silent and clearly showed his discontent with the surprise. “I always do my part 100% and these p * ssies can’t do it. I’m the next in line for the title, whoever has something to say, show yourself in 2 weeks so I can scream your ass and disconnect you forever “, was what he communicated in his networks, highlighting the anger he has for the loss of his rival.

In turn, hours ago, Holland He also indicated: “It is kill or be killed. Go out and kill, do the work, go home, you know what I mean? Do my thing. I’m just here to get the job done, you know what I mean. It’s like everyone wanted ‘Big Mouth’ until ‘Big Mouth’ failed, and now they don’t want ‘Big Mouth’ anymore, so as far as I’m concerned I’ll go out and do what ‘Trailblazer’ does, pick up my ‘W’ and then take my black ass home. ‘

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