What happened? Mercedes announced changes in its structure and surprised everyone


The team Mercedes is the great dominator of the Formula 1 for some years. The German team started on the right foot this season, after Lewis hamilton stay with him Bahrain Grand Prix. However, this domain is in danger after the huge step forward it took Red bull in terms of performance, which led to changes in the structure of the champion team.

In the last hours it was confirmed that the Mercedes team made strong changes in the strategic leadership. James allison, one of the most important engineers in the Formula 1 paddock, will cease to be the technical director of Mercedes, to take a lower position in the structure. Allison will become Head of the Technical department of the team, and it won’t necessarily be on the circuits.

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Your place will take it Mike elliott, who was in the post Technology Director Of the brand. Elliott came to Formula 1 in the team McLaren in the 2000 season. He has been with Mercedes since 2012 and was Head of Aerodynamics, the most important department together with that of Engine in a single-seater. In addition, he worked for several years with the team Renault.

“We had known for a while that his role as Technical Director would come to an end this season. I am delighted to have been able to keep him within our family. It will be an important travel companion for years to come. I know we still have a lot to achieve together, “he said. Toto wolff in the last hours after confirming the news.

What happened?

Many media claim that after seeing that the Mercedes team took a step back in performance and seeing that Red Bull got dangerously close, Toto Wolff decided to hit the table and change several positions in the technical leadership of the team. However, Elliott and Allison’s posts are the only ones that were unveiled in the last few hours.

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