Blunt: for Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton is ‘One of the best in history’

Max Verstappen

Lewis hamilton you can end your long and successful career this season, if you wish. However, many want him to continue making this sport great. Max verstappen for his part, he is called to be Lewis’s successor, and has been insured for several more years at the highest competitive level. The Dutchman praised the Briton, considering that he is ‘One of the best in history’.

The discussion is always the same for fans: is Hamilton the best driver in history? Nobody knows how to answer this question with consistent arguments. Some will say that it is Ayrton senna, others point to Michael Schumacher. However, the years have changed and the category is no longer the same as those years. That is why comparing times is not useful or at least it is not accurate to answer this question.

Everyone’s Fantasy: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen Teammates?

Verstappen did not want to risk it, but included his greatest rival among the best in the category. The number of victories, titles and records undoubtedly help Hamilton to be placed among the Olympus of the best. In an interview with the Autosport medium, Verstappen was consulted due to the doubts of the fans.

One of the best ever

“It’s very hard to say, but of course you have to give Lewis credit for the way he’s been these years, for always coming back and winning that many races and championships. You definitely can’t ignore it, ”Verstappen said of the query. Many believe that the Dutchman will be champion in the future and some, like David coulthard, they already added him as a candidate for this season.

On the other hand, Verstappen does not detract from Hamilton’s achievements, despite having the best car on the grid. “There are other people in Formula 1 who I think are very good, very strong and who would have been very good in that car. But still, the way Lewis has won some tough races too is remarkable. He is definitely one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1 ”, he declared.

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