Davide Brivio’s story: From being champion with Valentino Rossi to being Fernando Alonso’s boss

Davide Brivio

Davide brivio He was one of the most important figures in the paddock of MotoGP. The Italian led the golden years of Valentino rossi on Yamaha and even achieved the last title of Suzuki, next to Joan Mir. However, after this coronation he made the decision to abandon the two wheels and move on to the Formula 1, to be the head of Fernando Alonso.

The paddock of the Motorcycle World Championship has Davide Brivio as one of the most important figures in recent years. His knowledge in engineering and teamwork were essential for him to achieve four World Cups with Valentino Rossi (2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009). In addition, Brivio got a title alongside Jorge Lorenzo. Which adds up to a number of six championships in the Drivers’ World Cup.

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However, he moved away from the world of motorcycling. Brivio received the team’s proposal Alpine to work with Fernando Alonso. The challenge of a new category, totally different from work on motorcycles was one of the engines to accept. This weekend, Brivio spoke to the official Formula 1 website and explained the reasons for the change.

“I was always interested in trying to understand how Formula 1 works, how the team manages their operations and how they make the car, so it was the desire to go deeper into the sport and try to understand it as much as possible,” said Brivio. In addition, he commented that working with Fernando Alonso was one of the challenges that caught his attention to land in motorsport.


«Fernando has a lot of experience, he is not a small child. He has his own experience, ideas and thinking. He is very talented, as well as very demanding of himself, and I think it will be good for the team to work with a successful driver. When the best drivers join the team, it creates pressure on the staff, ”added Brivio.

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