He tired! Daniel Ricciardo pointed out against the social networks of Formula 1: «They are idiots»

Daniel Ricciardo

In the last hours, Daniel Ricciardo made clear his position on the actions of those who handle the social networks of the Formula 1. The Australian said that in recent days he noticed that those in charge of the accounts had an inappropriate behavior due to the constant repetition of accidents in the races. «They are idiots«He shot without hesitation.

At the end of 2020, Formula 1 was affected by the hard accident it had Romain grosjean. While fans were also paralyzed by the heavy blow, videos of the accident were quickly picked up on social media. There was the first time that Ricciardo asked, in a good way, that the videos of the accident not continue to be repeated. However, this time he was fed up.

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Far from being silent, Ricciardo spoke and harshly criticized those who manage the official social networks of the category. «Last year, Formula 1 put on social networks the ten best moments of the year or something like that, and eight of the ten were accidents. I was left thinking ‘They are idiots’. Maybe 12-year-olds want to see this type of content, but we are not children ”shot in Square Mile magazine.

Netflix series

On the other hand, Ricciardo took stock of what the series of Netflix, ‘Drive To Survive‘. The Australian assured that now they recognize him more on the street, although he criticized the ‘fiction’ that is added to the series. “I spent time in the United States, and there I noticed the difference. It was the first time that I began to be recognized and people referred to that television series.

«They tried to create a rivalry between Carlos Sainz and me and there really was nothing. I think Netflix wanted something so they started asking me a lot about Carlos. Nobody noticed, but for me, I thought: he’s fine. There are other guys that I don’t like, unlike Carlos. I mean, he dresses like a 60-year-old man, but otherwise he’s fine, ”joked Daniel to finish.

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