He was not silent! Ben Askren responded to the terrible threat from Jake Paul

He was not silent!  Ben Askren responded to the terrible threat from Jake Paul

After Jake paul intimidate you in these hours, Ben askren He responded forcefully about what’s to come. A few hours ago, the controversial and viral 23-year-old youtuber sent a message to the family of the UFC expeller, so he did not remain silent and went to the crossing immediately. In that sense, he left cloth to cut and referred to the boxing match that will soon come between the two.

The former UFC fighter, Ben askren, no longer tolerate the attitude of Jake paul and that’s why he wants to knock him out in the ring. In a few weeks, the two will see each other head-on in the ring, so expectations are getting higher and higher. There is not a good relationship between the two, which heats up the weather much more in the previous one. In that sense, the renowned fighter made clear what he thinks.

Will it knock him out? Jake Paul asks Ben Askren’s family not to watch the fight

I promise you that April 17 will be the worst day of your fucking life. Just as I asked Nate Robinson’s children not to watch the fight, I will ask their children not to do the same. So the sons of Ben askren, wife, please don’t watch this because your father will be bloody unconscious on the damn canvas on April 17th and I don’t want you to see that. You saw him get knocked out in five seconds by Masvidal “, was what he said Paul Hours ago.

The answer

Being that way, without hairs on the tongue and showing that he is not afraid of anything, Askren She explained the following about it: “He’s trying to intimidate, but it wasn’t very intimidating. I spent the last decade of my life getting involved with those who are real killers. With four-ounce gloves that could kick me or knee me or elbow me or really do whatever they wanted. “

“This is why the fact that he could just hit me is comparatively easy enough. I think in his head he has convinced himself of a narrative that will take place and he has to say things to feel good. But yes, very, very little of that was true. My children have a great life, they are very happy, “he also said. Ben askren, reflecting the happiness of his family for the career he has led.

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