Juan Manuel Márquez reveals details of his exhibition fight against Miguel Cotto

Juan Manuel Márquez y Miguel Cotto

Juan Manuel Marquez revealed details of his exhibition match before Miguel Cotto next June 12, at headquarters to be defined.

“We will see how the whole situation unfolds and how we are in the coming months to give our best as we have always done,” he said. Marquez to ESPN. “I focused on June 12 for now and I am happy. These seven years of rest have been very good for my body. It’s like I’ve taken a breath and I’m preparing well. “

According to him Dynamite, the fight will take place in eight rounds of two minutes each, they will use 14-ounce gloves and they will not wear head protection.

The Mexican multi-champion fought for the last time on May 17, 2014, when he defeated Mike alvarado, while Cotto He will do so after just under four years of absence after falling to Saddam ali in December 2017.

Both fighters will make their comeback hand in hand with two coaches who are members of the Hall of Fame: Ignacio Beristain at the corner of JMM Y Freddie roach in that of Cotto.

Nacho I was very happy because I was the last champion he had, “he said. Juan Manuel. “He really enjoyed the news when I gave it to him. He told me that he would accompany me. It was also not a concern for my family and they gave me their support for being an exhibition ”.

Remembering his time as a professional

At the same time, Marquez He assured that the preparation is being carried out as if it were an official fight, after it was a fight that both sought during their stage as professionals, but that could never occur due to not reaching an agreement on the weight or due to injury problems that crossed the Mexican.

“I prepare and train as if it were an official fight, but this will be with bigger gloves, two-minute rounds with a rest between each and without head protection, he added.”

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