Next on the list? Marvin Vettori says he should fight for the UFC title

Next on the list?  Marvin Vettori says he should fight for the UFC title

This Saturday, in what was the stellar contest of the UFC Vegas 23, Marvin vettori crushed Kevin Holland. As Derek Brunson did three weeks ago, he took care of himself and used the fight to counter the powerful blows and intelligence of his rival. For this reason, the Italian was able to take advantage during the five rounds and ended up being the one who went with his hand up this time. Now, it goes by Israel Adesanya one more time.

As expected, they hit hard at every opportunity this evening. Although the American was better standing, the Italian did not hesitate for a second and took the opportunity to knock him down and beat him on the canvas. Leaving all his weight above the opponent, he did not miss the chance to add a new victory in UFC. In that sense, he is excited that the champion, Adesanya, give him revenge.

Very dominant! Marvin Vettori literally crushed Kevin Holland at UFC Vegas 23

Trust in your power

For that reason, starting with his sayings, Vettori He acknowledged, “Five win streak, I’ve accepted anyone anytime, always showing up, always gaining weight, never complaining about anything, and I just beat these guys very domineeringly. I leave no doubt that I am the one who should be in the next title fight. Know it ».

«The last fight I had with Adesanya It was the closest fight I ever had, and in my eyes I still won it. You have to do it again. I’m next in line and I deserve it. He was supposed to fight Darren Till. I did not know how to do it. Now it is out. I’m the hungriest on this and, hands down, next in line. It is I who should be there, “he added to his words.

On the other hand, Marvin He also commented on the following: “The winning streak that I have had, all my opponents have been solid. I am next. I expect perfection. I hope he goes out and breaks the guy. Sometimes I fall a little short of my expectations, but still, that short is still a great performance, a very dominant performance. I know that I can have that title in my possession.

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