They didn’t like it: Darren Till and Kevin Holland poked fun at Marvin Vettori’s win

They didn't like it: Darren Till and Kevin Holland poked fun at Marvin Vettori's win

This Saturday afternoon, at UFC Vegas 23, Marvin vettori defeated Kevin Holland and stopped talking about. The Italian did not hesitate for a second and decided to send the fight to the ground for the five rounds, as the American was able to nearly knock him out with some powerful foot punches. So, Darren till, who was supposed to be present in this contest but got off due to injury, made fun of him.

As for Marv… sorry ‘ork’. It wasn’t the prettiest win, but a win is a win and it means a lot to him that you can see. That fight told me that he knew he couldn’t attack with me, so he was going to try to take me down. Even if I succeeded in takedowns, I would not have been able to stay there ”, was what the extraordinary English fighter began saying, Darren till, on his personal Instagram account.

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At the same time, Till He also said: ‘I would have hurt this man by five rounds to the feet. But hey, who the hell am I to speak of? I pulled out of the fight, so all the rights I have go out the window with that. Whatever happens with Marvin then good luck, I’m sure we’ll see you soon. I have a false wound to recover and repair from. I see them soon. All very soon.

Holland won’t shut up

For its part, Holland He apologized to the Briton and I wish him the best of luck in recovering from his injury as soon as possible. In that sense, the American wrote on the networks: «@ darrentill2 sorry, I did not do the work. I’ve been a fan of your style and spirit for a while, so it’s always an honor to step up if you’re hoping that doesn’t sound strange. I also wish him a speedy recovery.

«@Derekbrunson vs @marvinvettori below, since both humps so well…. props for both of you, they made me a better man, but @ b_allen185 is better than you guys. 😂😂I’ll be back, see you 3 little ninjas. Until then. I will be looking for some good sexual partners to help me stop fucking #sorryhomies # illbeback #induetime », he closed Kevin Holland.

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