Unexpected! A young UFC star hangs up his gloves and says goodbye to MMA

Unexpected!  A young UFC star hangs up his gloves and says goodbye to MMA

A few hours ago, a new star of UFC surprised everyone and admitted that he will stay away from MMA. Is about Jimmy Flick, who had just arrived at the company and was giving something to talk about, after what was a great presentation at the Dana White’s Contender Series. He was starting to put fear in his division, after what was his debut in the company. But, apparently that was not motivation for him and he decided to step aside.

So, Flick He stated on the networks: «I have three new goals in life: to spend more time with my family, to help my wife achieve her goals and, my third objective, is to finish the book that I started more than a year ago to tell my story. , tell my life, to tell everyone why I did this. Many people keep asking me where I see myself in 10 years. ‘Where do you see yourself in the UFC?’ To be honest, everyone, UFC It is no longer my dream.

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Many people will not understand why. It’s hard to explain and it makes me cry but UFC he’s not taking care of me. My wife takes care of me, my children take care of me and that is what I want. I want to be his father. I want to go to work every day, come home and be with my family. I want to spend time with my girls, I want to spend time with my wife. And I discovered that I do not want to be the next Conor McGregor, or the next Demetrious Johnson, “he emphasized.

Surprised everyone

In addition, Jimmy He stated, “So I walk into this cage tonight and tell everyone that I am retiring from mixed martial arts. I will pursue the other goals in life that make me happier than fights did. I have a really good job with 401 (k) benefits, I own two and a half acres. My wife and I are very smart people and we do very well, especially at a young age.

“I could have hung it up at any time, but my wife was motivational, my training partners, my coaches, especially when I brought Leo Perrucci, it was really a game changer. I knew I had a career closer to 30 and my wife really motivated me. Now everything is changing and changing for the right reasons and I get it now and now I just want bigger and better things in the last little run that I got here at UFC«, Concluded Jimmy Flick.

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