What will happen now? The novelties that Scott Coker revealed in Bellator

What will happen now?  The novelties that Scott Coker revealed in Bellator

Friday night, after Bellator 256, Scott coker revealed important information about his company. After an evening full of very good action, the President of one of the most important companies in the world of Mixed Martial Arts made clear something that made the fans happy. In that sense, the aforementioned spoke about the restrictions and the return of the organization after COVID-19.

So, starting with his words, Coker He acknowledged the following about it: “We have had conversations with them about how to move forward and get out of the bubble and start promoting fights on the road. We’re monitoring the levels, the different colors of the levels like they have in California, as to what level is LA, what level is the Bay Area.

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How can we promote it effectively and make sure it works financially for us? If it’s still a nationwide locked version except for a couple of states, it’ll be tough. But when everything opens, we will definitely be on our way, “added the renowned President of Bellator. Undoubtedly, he surprised many with his sayings.

What’s more, Scott he dictated: ‘I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I think everyone has to be patient. We will be here (at Mohegan Sun) during the June fights anyway, but maybe early July or late July, August, September, in that time frame, we’ll definitely be on tour at some point. We already talked to the locals we normally go to. I think before the end of the year you will see Bellator on the road in a big way.

His previous sayings

For its part, Scott coker he had said weeks ago, “Eventually being on CBS is definitely one of our goals and having events on Showtime would be awesome. That is definitely our goal. It’s all up in the air right now, but I think we’ll have some clarity in the next two or four weeks, we’ll probably have some clarity on the exact direction we’re headed.

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