Away for nine months? Aljamain Sterling, forced to have neck surgery

Away for nine months?  Aljamain Sterling, forced to have neck surgery

The new Bantamweight champion in UFC, Aljamain Sterling, I could be out for almost a year. The aforementioned was left with the belt that Petr Yan had, after the latter applied a very hard and controversial illegal knee to the head. Therefore, after the disqualification, he wore the title and now seeks to defend it. Anyway, one surgery on the neck would keep him out of the cage for a long time.

Initially, Sterling He said: ‘I was trying to avoid going under the knife, but we went back to schedule. We are going to do an artificial disc replacement. There are two procedures: fusion or artificial disc replacement. We decided to go for artificial disc replacement just to keep the neck more flexible and not put more stress with fusion on the disc that is one level above or below.

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“Because when you take the movement off and it merges, you put more stress on the discs above or below, or sometimes both. Much time and effort has gone into researching it. Yes, it was a week but I tried to exhaust all the options. The last thing I could have done was take more time, which is what I don’t want to do. I want to do this and fix it so that I can compete again as soon as possible, “he said later.

A controversial operation

At the same time, Aljamain He explained: “It won’t be nine months. I don’t know why people keep saying that, who keeps spreading these lies. But it’s as if the UFC had a mole that just says things they don’t know to be true. I’m not going to do the merge. I won’t be away for nine months. I’ll probably be fighting around August, September, October.

“We will see how well my body adapts and how well I can get in shape. Obviously the longer the better, but I can do it easily. I really want to hit this Muppet. I really do. But I have to be smart about it. Now I’m at a point where after this fight against Yan, I had a serious outbreak, “he closed Aljamain Sterling.

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