Explode Bellator! Scott Coker says there will be an interim heavyweight title

Explode Bellator!  Scott Coker says there will be an interim heavyweight title

After Bellator 256, Scott coker, President of the company, revealed important information. After an evening full of very good action, the president of one of the most important companies in the world of Mixed Martial Arts made clear something that made the fans happy. In that sense, the aforementioned spoke about the chance to make a fight for the interim title of the Heavyweight, where Ryan bader lead.

Being so, Coker He said, ‘I think it’s time for an interim title. Obviously, Ryan will advance in the tournament, so most likely we will get an interim title, which we will probably announce something in the next few weeks. Maybe we even have something to announce for next week’s event. But I think we will head in that direction. I thought I was in a lot of trouble in that first round.

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“I would say that in the middle of the second round things started to change and he took control of the fight from that moment on. That was a great fight. He became one-sided after the end of the third round, but Lyoto is a tough competitor. He took a lot of damage and could have quit, but he didn’t. He held on and Ryan He did what he does best. He knocked him down, controlled him, ground him up, and hit him. Lyoto took a lot of photos. I saw his face after the fight and it was brutal, “he added.

Is happy

On the other hand, hours ago, Scott He also acknowledged the following in this regard: “We have had conversations with them about how to move forward and get out of the bubble and start promoting fights on the road. We’re monitoring the levels, the different colors of the levels like they have in California, as to what level is LA, what level is the Bay Area.

How can we promote it effectively and make sure it works financially for us? If it’s still a nationwide locked version except for a couple of states, it’ll be tough. But when everything opens, we will definitely be on our way », closed the renowned President of Bellator. Without a doubt, Scott coker surprised many with his sayings.

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