Fury dances and Joshua celebrates; fight targets July 24 in Saudi Arabia

Tyson Fury y Anthony Joshua

Tyson fury Y Anthony Joshua They received the information on the venues for their fight on Sunday night, and the possible date for their first fight could be July 24, taking place in Saudi Arabia. Both reacted on their social networks.

Former boxer Spencer Oliver, he assured that Fury Y Joshua they have everything arranged to fight. The date could be July 24, according to their sources, and the headquarters could be in Saudi Arabia.

The official data will be communicated before next weekend, as communicated to talkSPORT.

“Both guys got the offers, I think they got four offers Sunday night,” he said. Oliver. “They had to agree where they would accept the fight to take place. Saudi Arabia, I think Singapore was one of the places, the United States was one of them and Qatar was another ”.

“Like I say, Saudi Arabia has a history of fighting; they made Andy ruiz vs Anthony Joshua II and that was really successful, I was there during the week and they organized a great event. They really loved it and were eager to get back to boxing there, ”said the retired boxer.

“So I have a feeling it will end up somewhere like Saudi Arabia, but it comes down to the site fees and who pays the most money,” he said. Omen. “I saw the statement that Joshua and his management team released last night saying that an offer had been submitted and that he seemed excited about it.”

Fury and Joshua have the deal, so it’s a matter of hours for them to communicate it.

As Spencer Oliver told talkSPORT, Tyson fury Y Anthony Joshua they already have everything ready for confirmation

“So I think we will get news this week. In fact, I know we will get news this week. At the end of the week, we will know where the fight is happening, we will know when it is happening and I think July 24 is a good date, ”said the Briton.

“I think it could possibly be July 24th and we’ll see that fight happen. If the first ends abroad, I think we could see the second here, “he said. Oliver. “It could be this year too, maybe December, and we could see it in an indoor stadium somewhere like Cardiff.”

Joshua and Fury reacted on social media

Sunday night, Anthony Joshua He communicated the latest news in his accounts, with a simple message accompanied by an image with more text.

“Public Service Announcement. More official news soon, stay tuned “, he posted Joshua on his Twitter account, next to an image that reads: “Npositive news tonight! I’m tying up my running boots! 258MGT Y Matchroom Boxing they have received the first official offer to host the undisputed world heavyweight championship. I will be victorious, God willing! There is no place to hide now! I’m going”.

Much less formal, Tyson fury She also communicated the good news with a video where she dances and sings a song by You Shook Me All Night Long from AC DC.

“Life is to live and enjoy, I have Wow Hydrate, energy. Blessed by God ”, he tweeted Fury along with the nice video.

It will be Tyson fury are you happy about the good news? For now, July 24 and Saudi Arabia seem to be advantageous options for the first fight between Fury Y Joshua.

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