“If I don’t have news by Tuesday, I’ll forget about fighting with Joshua,” warns Tyson Fury.

Si no tengo noticias para el martes, me olvidaré de pelea con Joshua, advierte Tyson Fury

Tyson fury warned you will forget your fight with Anthony JoshuaIf you don’t hear that the deal was closed before Tuesday.

Fury applied pressure, and gave his ultimatum for the realization of his fight against his compatriot Joshua, which seems to be in full swing, and from which definitive news is expected.

“I’m waiting. There are some good deals on the table, I’m told, from a few different countries, which is exciting news for me. I’ve always been quite skeptical about it, “he said. Gypsy king to Behind The Gloves. “But before, they have told me the same thing, that there are quite a few important offers on the table. From some important players, very interested and excited to finally hear what they are and see if they are one, feasible and two, they can make it happen in any country that wins the venue. “

For Fury, the limit to close fight with Joshua is this Tuesday

With total sincerity, Tyson fury He warned that the hours for the arrangement are numbered, but he was optimistic for what is to come.

“We have to go to Monday, Tuesday at the latest,” he said. Fury. “If I don’t know anything by Tuesday, I’m going to move on, because it’s been a long time. Now, finally, the deals are on the table. We will review them and take the best one ”.

Immediately after setting your deadline, Tyson fury he is also confident that a settlement will be reached.

“I think the fight will happen, 100 percent,” he said. Fury. “It will happen a million percent. I think we’ll find out in the next few days: what, where, when. I’m pretty sure this fight will be done in the next few days, because from what I heard, there are some great players involved and there are great deals from very rich people and very rich countries. I am sure that they will be very good offers ”.

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