Paire: “Life is shit for me now, like tennis”

Paire: "Life is shit for me now, like tennis"

Outgoing, controversial. A stamp of Benoit Paire, that special character of the professional tennis circuit. The same one who fights with referees, throws rackets and complains about almost everything. The French, current No. 35 in the world, now downloaded at the Monte-Carlo Masters 1000, where he was eliminated on debut. “Life now sucks for me, like tennis, which only brings me some money,” he said.

Paire was left out with just enough, in a three-set duel against Australian Jordan Thompson, and dispatched at ease, as he usually does often. At Wimbledon 2015, for example, he had thrown: “I’m happy to come home. Tired of the shitty grass that makes me suffer. I don’t want to be at Wimbledon.”

The same ex-World Top 20 Gaul who in that mythical Grand Slam, two years earlier, launched: It is not a tournament that I love. I am fined $ 100 for saying ‘shit’. They can use the money to fix the fields. “

Since the ATP circuit was resumed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Paire has played 17 matches and was only able to win two, including the Grand Slam and the ATP Cup two months ago. Without a doubt, he is not enjoying his favorite sport in this way, almost without an audience.

“I’m not expecting anything from tennis, I just don’t care. There is no magic, there is no charm in playing in empty stadiums. When you experienced the normal atmosphere on the circuit, arriving at a stage like the one we have today makes it the only thing you want is to go home, “he said.

“I don’t care about tennis right now, all it does is give me some money, but I don’t enjoy anything. This Monte-Carlo court is one of the most beautiful in the world and now it looked like a cemetery, no matter what you do. , There is no atmosphere, there is nothing for which to fight or that is worth at the moment for me in tennis. Everyone thinks about it, but only I say it, “he added.

Paire was poignant: “They will tell me that what we live on the circuit is the true reflection of life today. But life, nowadays, is shit for me, like tennis. The only pleasure I have since that started the pandemic is to be at home without a mask, only at that moment do I feel good. ” Undoubtedly, the Frenchman lives in shock because of the current situation.

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