Regrettable! A sixth Phillip Adams victim has died

Regrettable!  A sixth Phillip Adams victim has died

In case of Phillip Adams It continues to leave sequels, and the death of a sixth victim of the shooting that involved the former player of the NFL before committing suicide. The terrible event of last Wednesday, April 7, leaves a new fatal victim, awaiting the completion of investigations by both the police and the scientific community.

New deceased

It was on April 7 that, according to the police, Phillip Adams opened fire on Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife, and their 2 grandchildren, who died on the spot. This also allegedly shot a technician who worked in the home of the doctor, who also ended up losing his life. Then, the former player of the NFL he took his own life in his parents’ house.

Do you have an explanation? They request to study the brain of Phillip Adams after the massacre

Now, according to NBC affiliate channel WRAL, a sixth fatality has appeared in the shooting. The defensive back would have shot a second worker who was in the doctor’s house, and he fought for his life in the hospital until last Saturday. This last deceased person was identified as Robert Shook.

Cause of the incident

According to the local press, Dr. Robert Lesslie was prescribing a treatment to Phillip Adams, and the former player of the NFL he lashed out at the doctor after he stopped prescribing medications. However, York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson denied that there is clear evidence of a link between the parties.

Scientific studies

The case of the star of the NFL has attracted the attention of the scientific community, who have requested the analysis of the brain of Adams for your analysis. They suspect that Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a product of blows to the head that American football players receive, can generate problems in the individual’s relationship with other people. Similar cases, not recognized by the league, have been linked to concussions.

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