Stick for Dana White? Daniel Rodríguez wants to keep busy in the UFC

Stick for Dana White?  Daniel Rodríguez wants to keep busy in the UFC

Daniel Rodriguez killed Mike Perry in the UFC Vegas 23 and left it practically disfigured. The aforementioned achieved a spectacular victory last Saturday at the Apex in Nevada, after destroying the face of his opponent inside the most important cage in the world. In that sense, the aforementioned now expects to be very busy within the company, after great performances in a row.

Starting with his sayings, Rodriguez He explained, “Man, I’m just trying to keep it up. I don’t have the luxury of taking time off. I am 34 years old. I haven’t been doing this for that long, but I feel like I’m in my prime and it’s time, it’s time for me right now. I feel like I need to participate in as many fights as possible this year. “

Disfigured! Daniel Rodríguez destroyed Mike Perry at UFC Vegas 23

So I don’t mind noticing the fights on short notice. The UFC You can count on me to be ready. It’s time for me to go. It was exactly how I thought it would go. Going in there, I felt that we both had the same power. He’s a strong guy. He was able to knock me down. But he’s a shorter guy, stockier and stronger, ”the Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter extraordinary also summed up.

What’s more, Daniel continued to discuss his great work on Saturday at the UFC Vegas 23. “But on the ground, it couldn’t cause any damage. I was able to control the position and the second time he knocked me down I was able to get back on my feet. I was the fastest and most technical guy. He let me work within my grasp and didn’t really cut the distance too much. I was able to distinguish it from the first second and that made it easier for me.

He felt like a winner

“Stylistically, it’s a great fight. It’s a fan favorite fight. It has a reputation. I’m trying to take that glow, even though he does shine for some of the wrong reasons at times. But it has a lot of publicity. He has a big name, and I aim for big name fights. Really, that’s it. I think he’s a great fool, but he can fight, “he commented. Daniel Rodriguez in the previous one.

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