Days away from reality! Jake Paul again attacked Ben Askren and assures that he will liquidate him

Days away from reality!  Jake Paul again attacked Ben Askren and assures that he will liquidate him

Jake paul23-year-old boxer and youtuber admits that he is going to liquidate Ben askren this Saturday. The aforementioned left a forceful message for the former Mixed Martial Arts star, with whom he will face in the ring. While he has long sought to intimidate UFC fighters, this time he went further and explained what awaits the former ONE Championship champion.

To start, Paul He said, ‘I think it’s very funny. Once again, I have the ace up my sleeve and these guys don’t know what I’m capable of. They don’t know how hard I can hit. Sure, Ben has a big chin, Robbie Lawler hit him a couple times, but this guy is coming off a knockout, he’s coming off a loss and he sits here and thinks this old man Ben askren he has better cardio than me or I’m going to get tired is absolutely fun.

He was not silent! Ben Askren responded to the terrible threat from Jake Paul

«Ben askren He can’t work as hard as I can in a practice. My only practice is harder than the entire training ground. I think it’s going to be tough, but at the end of the day this is boxing and he can’t take me down after he starts breaking it. You can try to come in and hold me, you can try to hold on, but you will be warned for that from the start. You can’t just hang on to people in boxing, ”he deepened.

Promised knockout?

For its part, Jake He also stated: “It’s a very different sport than MMA and anyone who really understands both sports should understand that actions speak louder than words and I’m just going to show people that you guys have a rude awakening. I don’t care, to say the least. I don’t really care what he’s doing, and that’s my point. I don’t care what i’m doing Ben askren.

I don’t care what I do Ben askren On April 17, I don’t care what his game plan is, I don’t care about his abilities, because whatever he does, I will have an answer. I’ve fought better fighters than him in this entire camp. Every person I have trained at this camp is better than Ben Askren and literally April 17 will be the easiest ‘training session’ in the entire camp, “he said. Jake paul.

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