Is right? Ben Askren says boxing is much easier than MMA

Is right?  Ben Askren says boxing is much easier than MMA

Following the threats of Jake paul, Ben askren surprised everyone with an unprecedented comparison between sports. A few hours ago, the legendary UFC fighter made it clear that boxing is much easier than MMA, which is why he won hundreds of critics on the networks. Anyway, many other athletes or fans accepted his sayings and agreed with his foundations.

Kicking off his words, Askren He said: “When I was doing MMA, my whole stand up was based on how I do the intro to the punch and then get to my fight. I was very, very successful at that. I calculated this the other day, I think I got a takedown in 48 of the 50 rounds I ever fought in mixed martial arts. So my strategy worked very, very, very well. That’s like a 95 percent success rate or somewhere out there. “

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“Boxing is obviously different, but the other day I told someone that I am very good at athletics. He wanted to be a great fighter. I won NCAA titles and did the Olympics. I wanted to be a good mixed martial artist. I won several belts in various organizations. If I want to hit an amateur boxer, it won’t take me more than three months of training to do it, “he stressed.

He knows what he’s talking about

Parallel, Ben He said: “I said when I retired, I will never be a full-time fighter, but if something interesting comes up, I would be willing to accept it. This falls into that category, I think. I’m not going to be a full-time fighter, but I have an interesting opportunity and I’m going to take it. Much less stress than wrestling. In wrestling, they put you in all kinds of really weird positions. “

“Boxing is much easier than anything else. Jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, muay thai, comparatively there is very little stress. I love the aspect of training to try to be good at something. When you think about it, boxing is a lot easier than mixed martial arts. While in mixed martial arts you have to worry about takedowns, you can get takedowns, you can fill takedowns, you can hold them, you can kneel them, kick them, hit them, nudge them, “he concluded. Ben askren.

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