Paris Saint-Germain vs. Bayern Munich – Match Report – April 13, 2021

Paris Saint-Germain vs.  Bayern Munich - Match Report - April 13, 2021

PARIS (EFE) – Paris Saint-Germain resisted the push of Bayern Munich (0-1) and will be for the second consecutive year in the semifinals of the Champions League, after making good its advantage in the first leg (2-3) to dethrone the champion.

Bayern took the victory, but perished due to the greater value of the away goals and will not be able to defend the title amid an institutional crisis that can have serious consequences for the entity and its coach, Hans-Dieter Flick.

The Germans paid for their lack of aim in Munich and in Paris they had a PSG on the ropes who enjoyed better opportunities, but did not hit the mark in front of the goal.

Fate seemed to switch roles, but the Germans fell a bit short of coming back against the French, who wasted a good handful of opportunities and saw how Neymar crashed twice against the sticks just before Chuopo-Moting got the both from Bayern.

It is Bayern’s first victory in the Parc des Princes in 5 games, a bitter triumph because it marked the path of their elimination on the way to add their seventh European title.


After eliminating Barcelona in the round of 16, PSG, who in their stadium is showing a worrying bad run, took the joy that places them among the best four a year after having played their first final, which in their own right makes them a clear candidate for the title.

They will be his third semifinals, a phase that he also played in 1995.

The script of the first leg was repeated, with a dominating Bayern and a PSG loyal to the counterattack, the weapon that gave them an advantage in the return leg and with which they managed to make the Germans tremble again.

Mbappé was once again a sharp razor that threatened Bayern throughout the game, while the German team’s attack failed to dismantle the defensive scheme set up by Mauricio Pochettino.

The empty stands of the Parc des Princes seemed ready to live a pleasant night, even a brilliant one for their people, who even claimed a penalty after half an hour.

Neymar took little time to join the party and five minutes later he finished off a good pass from Mbappé that forced Neuer to shine. Two later, the Brazilian pulled a shot from his sleeve that was looking for a squad and crashed into the crossbar.

A post was again the destination, in 39, of another shot by the former Barcelona player, again well served by Mbappé, who left him alone against Neuer. Neymar negotiated heads-up well, but his tight shot found a stick again.

With no time to complain, the Brazilian saw how Bayern showed all the aim that they lacked in the first leg on the next play and in his first shot between the three sticks he opened the scoring.

The goal came from an Alaba center that Kimpembe was unable to reject and was overtaken by Chuopo-Moting, a former PSG player, who thus achieved his fourth goal in the competition.


The party entered a precipice. A German goal brought vertigo to the French, who if they scored forced the champions to achieve two to stay alive in Europe.

After a distant shot from Alaba in the 47th minute that brushed away a stick and a boarding by Di María whose center narrowly failed to push Neymar into the net, the game entered a phase of equilibrium.

PSG shook Bayern’s dominance somewhat, which consequently gave up less space on their back, giving them fewer options.

The game rose in intensity, but away from the areas, with a midfield turned into a pressure cooker in which each fight for the ball was a battle.

A good center from Neymar that Kean, who had just replaced Draxler, wasted and a goal disallowed by Mbappé for offside, ended the cold war and relaunched the duel in the areas, with a Bayern that advanced lines in search of the goal that I needed.

The duel turned into Russian roulette, a coin toss that could fall from either side. Bakker wasted another against and Sané was about to beat Navas.

Flick placed Javi Martinez at “9” as if he wanted to support his thesis that the defending champion is short of troops, who greatly missed his scoring star, Robert Lewandowsky, absent in both games due to injury.

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