Shocking! Jimmy Flick’s words after his unexpected retirement from the UFC

Shocking!  Jimmy Flick's words after his unexpected retirement from the UFC

Few hours ago, Jimmy Flick announced that he will no longer fight in UFC, making an unexpected and surprising decision. The excellent North American fighter had earned the respect of all with an impressive debut in the company, for what many saw him as one of the best in the division. But, for personal reasons, this one stepped aside and forever abandons the MMA.

That way, Flick He stated, ‘I need to justify what I mean by that. The UFC never hurt me. I love everything the UFC did for me. I love the goals I achieved to get to the UFC, the person who made me. But what I mean by that is that there are no benefits of hitting my body by not being in it anymore. UFC. We don’t have 401k. We have no benefits. We have no backing.

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“The fighters are too stupid to unionize, and that will never happen, because there are other fighters who will fight for that money. I love the money I received, but this is just to show everyone that money does not buy happiness. I haven’t talked much to my father and that conversation made a huge difference in my life. I thought my dad was going to change his life to be in my corner in UFC, to be there as I told people in the Contender Series, “he explained.

The decision is made

On the other hand, Jimmy He commented, “I thought that would change my dad’s life. I thought it would change my brother’s life. I thought I would let them know, ‘I still want you all there.’ I love you all in my life. I believe in all of you. I love you all. We did this together. ‘ And it made no difference. So I found out that I was fighting for all the wrong reasons. He has never asked me for anything and I no longer fight for him.

“I was still fighting to get my father back, to get my brother back, to have my family there again, for my daughters to see my father and my brother. And it didn’t matter. I am fighting for my children. I fight for my wife and I will not lose them. And they are so much more than the fight has meant to me. People need to know what happens in the lives of the combatants, “he said. Jimmy Flick.

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