The viral of the week! Francis Ngannou tried to bite Mike Tyson’s ear

The viral of the week!  Francis Ngannou tried to bite Mike Tyson's ear

Very few hours ago, a video of Francis Ngannou Y Mike tyson went viral on social media. In it, the Cameroonian UFC Heavyweight champion tried to bite the former gun on the ear, imitating the action that made so much noise in boxing history. After the American removed a piece of cartilage from Evander Holyfield, the action was remembered in the world of gloves.

Therefore, in a podcast in which they were both, while Tyson he spoke to the camera, Ngannou He appeared from behind and tried to bite her ear. Clearly this did not go unnoticed, since the audiovisual immediately went viral on Instagram and Twitter. As expected, everything was replicated and both received many messages for this. Without a doubt, they are two exponents in this sport.

Explode everything! Mike Tyson says he will fight Evander Holyfield again

“No, I honestly saw this fight and I saw Herb Dean action and I think it should be the performance of the night,” he said. Francis to Mike a few hours ago in an interview. In addition, the ex-boxer dictated: «Did you see how fast he ran? It was moving backwards, and then after the action, do you see how fast it moved? The guy was on notice. He knew that if Francis touched him, he would not allow (Francis) to touch him again.

Something that surprised many, Ngannou He has no idea of ​​his own strength, as he surprised himself by knocking out Stipe Miocic at UFC 260. “I didn’t feel like I hurt him. I was like ‘Why are you falling?’ I threw the punch just to fight back and he went down and I was like ‘Okay what? I don’t know what happened, but I have to continue to ensure victory, ‘”acknowledged the Cameroonian.

The historical event

Tyson, 54, and Holyfield, 58, had their rematch in June 1997. There, the two Heavyweights ended in disqualification after Mike bit Evander on the ear twice. This battle was nicknamed “The Bite Fight.” Thus, “Iron Mike” was suspended “permanently” and his license was revoked. In addition, he was fined $ 3 million and had to participate in community service.

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